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To inquire about wearable art, please email Frankie.


Kentucky Lottery 2021

The Kentucky State Lottery commissioned us to create three pieces of wearable art for their newest release of scratch-off cards. Each piece was created from replica lottery cards and attached to custom tailored clothing. The goal of each design was to highlight each card in its entirety. 

Materials: Lottery scratch-off tickets, foam, neoprene, cotton, powermesh, glue. 


KMAC Couture 2016

As a black female artist I wanted to explored a unique and important part of my culture. My hair. As black women we are often told our hair is not suitable. For many women, it takes years to conquer the insecurity that comes with having textured tightly coiled hair. I am one of them. In celebration of those women and all women who fight to find beauty of themselves, I chose to create the collection "Nappy Wars." In some primitive cultures, warriors who win in battle will take a piece from their enemy and wear it as trophy on their army. As a nod to this concept each piece is made of hair or styling tools that are used to tame to coiled black girl locks. She has overcome her battle. She is victorious. To view the process, click here

Materials: Hand Twisted Kenekalon Hair, Sliced Magnetic Hair Rollers, Ballballs, Elastic Headbands, Hair extensions, Combs

In progress model fitting




Russian Constructivism

Every other year, an organization called the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) pairs local designers with interior design companies. Each designer is given a material to work with, an artistic element, and an architectural style. I was given the following: materials - wallpaper & wall coverings, artistic element - line, architectural style - Russian Constructivism.  For this design I wanted it to feel like a building, tall and strong. I wanted to play with angles and structure.

Materials: foam mattress pad and door hinges

Over time the chemicals in the foam yellow over time. Destroying the original dress.

Mattress pad dress restored with spray paint.

Materials: A collection of house keys.

KMAC 2017 Campaign

KMAC 2017 Campaign

The dress from KMAC Couture 2014 was chosen for the five year anniversary campaign.

Materials: Couch Upholstery, mini blinds

10156104_10100982478063264_8702513948695650950_n (1).jpg

10156104_10100982478063264_8702513948695650950_n (1).jpg



Materials: Drawer Liner






KMAC Couture 2014

I feel most at home when I'm sitting at a sewing machine. I'm relaxed and in control, and I get to be whoever and whatever I decide in that moment. For this project I wanted to use the home as my inspiration for materials, choosing items that are found in nearly every home.


Materials: mattress pad, house keys, door hinges, drawer liner, upholstery, mini blinds, shop sticks. 

Materials: rope, zip ties, duct tape

model fitting




KMAC Couture 2017

Throughout the years I have been blessed with wonderful people. Whether its family, close friends, or kind strangers, I attribute any success I may have to the people in my life. This artistic roller coaster that I ride daily comes with its share of struggles and my support system is always there to hold me together. In honor of that, I chose to make this collection using materials that are meant for tying and holding things together.

Materials: zip ties, rope, duct tape

Materials: puff paint, tulle

Materials: plastic pony beads, jump rings

jump rings used

Materials: glitter on card stock cut into fringe strips.


KMAC Couture 2015

I attribute my love for art and craft to some very special art teachers in my early years. Women who taught me to work with my hands, make a mess, and turn into something beautiful. For this collection, I pay homage to them by using some of my favorite childhood materials to make very grown-up looks.

​​​​Materials: puff paint, netting, pony beads, jump rings, glitter, card stock

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