At Frankie Lew, we know that you have options when it comes to shopping for your wardrobe, from major designer labels to the dozens of boutiques at your local mall and even online vendors. That's why we strive to stand out as the best choice. We are more than a fashion house: we are a community, we are a cause, and we are a movement.

When you shop Frankie Lew, you can feel good knowing that you are shopping your conscience. That's because of what we like to call the Frankie Lew Difference. The FLD is our promise to maximize our positive impact on the community while minimizing our impact on the environment, accomplished through a series of proactive programs and initiatives:

  • Size Guarantee

  • Buy-Back Protection

  • Women Who Work

  • All-Black Everything

  • Renu

Learn more about the components of the FLD and how we keep our promises to you in the gallery to your right!