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Are you ready?

Don't miss out! The RTW line is only available for a limited time! 


Worth the wait

"Fast Fashion" is living up to it's name when it comes to accelerating climate change. The culture of quickly-made clothing designed to be worn once and thrown away is over-loading our landfills with textile waste. 

Frankie Lew aims to slow things down and leave a smaller fashion footprint. Our clothes are made-to-order and sewn by skilled seamstresses in California and Kentucky. This limits our waste and provides jobs for a necessary but under-practiced skill. 

The RTW store is only open at limited times. This allows us time to produce quality pieces that you'll cherish for years. Each batch takes up to 4 to 6 weeks to produce and ship to the customer. While that's much longer than we've grown accustomed to waiting, we think fighting climate change, limiting waste, and rejuvenating our craft are worth it. We hope you do too! 

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