Inner Circle

Welcome to the Inner Circle, where you can support and connect with the Frankie Lew Family! Here you'll find updates and announcements as well as ways to support our mission to maximize our impact on the community and minimize our impact on the  environment. 


 With the help of Patreon, we've created support tiers for those that want to help us keep the machines running and the philanthropy flowing! Have fun exploring! We're glad you've come along for the ride.

Support  Tiers

Frankie Lew is more than just a fashion house. We are on a mission to change the world through fashion. Your financial support helps us do just that. Our monthly support tiers give you access to interactive content and the entire Frankie Lew community! With tiers as low as $3, there's a way for everyone to support the work we do!  

Below you'll find the tiers we have available. To learn about the perks for each one, visit our Patreon



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