"Notes on Camp:" Met Gala 2019

Michael Schmidt Studios 2019

The 2019 Met Gala "Notes on Camp" was an amazing experience from start to finish. Working in tandem with electricians, metalshmiths, and handstitchers was a lesson in teamwork and creativity. For this project I drafted a pattern from client measurements, constructed the main body of the dress (and hat and neck piece), worked with a team of hand stitchers to cover the dress in crystals, and modified a corset/harness. 

Skills used:  Draping, Pattern Making, Cutting, Stitching, Dyeing, Fittings with Actors, Alterations, Distressing 

Emilie Simon

Michael Schmidt Studios 2019

For the music video "Always Now" I created a dress for French recording artist Emilie Simon. Using a combination of client measurements and an approximately sized dress form, I drafted/draped a pattern that allowed for movement as well as the drama that the designer intended. The dress is built on top of the clients existing corset. The dress is embellished with hand sewn crystal roses (created by other team members) and a tear away skirt for length. Fittings took place both in studio and on set. 


Skills:  pattern making, cutting, stitching, fitting, alterations  

"The Price is Right" Halloween Special

Michael Schmidt Studios 2018

For this spooky Halloween Special, I built the mummy dress worn by Rachel Reynolds as well as distressing the Edwardian Ghost costume worn by Drew Carey.

The pattern for the mummy dress was draped on a mannequin and transferred to paper pattern for construction. Gauze strips were torn, dyed, and sewn to the dress foundation to get the "unwrapped" look that the designer wanted.  

For Carey's moth-eaten Edwardian Ghost, we distressed a period costume to resemble wear and tear. 

Skills used:  Draping, Pattern Making, Cutting, Stitching, Dyeing, Fittings with Actors, Alterations, Distressing 

P!nk: Beautiful Trauma


Anyone in the entertainment industry knows the abuse that tour costumes must endure. Especially for an artist as creative and dynamic as Pink. Inorder to keep the tour moving seamlessly, a team of local seamstresses helped build duplicates of existing costumes. My contributions included re-creating patterns, cutting and stitching for; mesh long-sleeve tank, lace button-up with ruffle shoulders, and lace leggings.  

Skills: pattern re-creation, cutting, stitching.  

Beauty Envision Awards

Julia Gudova 2019 

As the on-set seamstress for the TrendVision's Beauty Envision Awards, it was my job to make stylist Julia Gudova's vision become a reality. This included performing temporary alterations on high end clothing for more than 30 models. All alterations needed to be restored that evening and returned to their designers. In addition to alterations for fit, there were numerous zipper repairs, and rips to attend to. 

The images shown here are creative/transformative alterations requested by the designer to achieve the desired overall look. To create the mint cross top I used an existing pair of pants and some hooks/bars from my kit. To create the draped tux jacket I used two existing suit jackets. I covered the lapels in scrap satin to achieve the tux look as well as to give volume to the drape. 


This particular event allowed me to use my experience as a theatrical costumer/crew member. I was able to help the designer focus on her duties as well as keep the models organized all while making sure the alterations were accomplished by showtime. 

Swarovski Book of Dreams Vol. 3

Michael Schmidt Studios 2019

For Swarovski's "Book of Dreams (Vol. 3)" our team dressed artist Martine Gutierrez in a custom dyed mesh body suit and a breath taking crown and necklace designed by Michael Schmidt. My contributions include dyeing the fabric, drafting pattern from client measurement, body suit construction and crystal application. I also assisted our team of metal-smiths with basic stone setting. 




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