Our Designer

Who is Frankie Lew?

Frances "Frankie" Lewis is a Louisville, Ky native, a Southern Indiana adoptee, and a Los Angelean in training. As Frankie puts it, "Los Angeles has my home, but Louisville has my heart."


A graduate of the University of Louisville's Theater Arts department, Frankie developed her sewing skills and love for design under the guidance of Zhanna Goldentul and Melissa Shepard of the UofL Costume Shop. Her training as both a theatrical performer and costumer has majorly influenced Frankie's work. 

Frankie's love for community is the foundation for Frankie Lew, a full service fashion house that aims to "minimize our impact on the environment, and maximize our impact on the community." Through special projects, Frankie Lew RTW, and wearable art Frankie uses fashion to try and "leave the world a little better" and give back to the communities that made her. 

Fashion Freedom

What makes Frankie Lew different?

Frankie Lew is more than a fashion brand. It's a philosophy. We believe all people should have access to the fashion they love. We do our best to eliminate the many barriers that women experience in the fashion world. 

We don't decide what designs should be

worn by which bodies. Frankie Lew clothing

can be ordered in any size. We create the

patterns and we own the designs. That

gives us the freedom to serve our customer in ways that other fashion 

brands can't. If you love it, we'll make it. 

While we understand that fashion isn't free, we still want to make an effort to put high-end fashion in the hands of hard-working women who just can't afford to dress the way they feel. Through give-back programs and other sources of donations, Frankie Lew works with local organizations to provide clothing to women who need it.  

Behind the seams