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Frankie Lewis

Fashion Designer



Professional Experience


Kentucky Lottery "Gems" Commercial                      Costume Designer/Set Tailor                                                  2021

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City                              Designer/ Set Tailor                                                                   2021

Wella Beauty Beauty Envision  Awards                      Set Tailor                                                                                      2019, 2021

Project Runway Season 17                                            Designer/Competitor                                                                2018

Michael Schmidt Studios                                              Freelance Stitch/Pattern Maker                                              2018 - present 

P!nk: Beautiful Trauma Tour                                        Stitcher/Draper                                                                           2018

Louisville Ballet                                                               Stitcher/Draper  "The Beyond"                                                 2018

Fall Fashion Experience                                                Featured Designer/Coordinator                                               2014 – present

University of Louisville Costume Shop                      Wardrobe Master/First Hand                                                    2007 - 2010

KMAC Couture Art Walks the Runway                    Featured Designer                                                                       2013 – 2017

Bunbury Theater                                                            Costume Designer “Lady At Emerson’s Bar and Grill”         2015

BET Experience Stylist Suite                                       Featured Designer/Stylist                                                          2016


British Vogue                                                                 Emerging Designers                                                                     2020

Extol Magazine                                                              Recurring Wardrobe Stylist/Designer                                       2014 - Present

Louisville magazine                                                        Featured Designer/Wardrobe Stylist                                        2016

Vogue Italia                                                                    BET Experience Stylist Suite Designer                                     2016


Pattern Drafting, Draping, Stitching, Hand Sewing Techniques, Wardrobe Maintenance and Management, Wardrobe Prep (steaming, ironing, repairs), Alterations, Actor/Model Fittings, Quick Change Coordinator, Crew Management


Melissa Shepherd            University of Louisville Costume Shop Manager            502-741-3636    

Zhanna Goldentul           Resident Designer, University of Louisville                    502-541-0547

Angie Fenton                   Editor-in-Chief Extol Magazine                                           502-551-2698



University Of Louisville Bachelor Of Science in Theater with a focus on acting and Costume Design/Construction 2006 – 2010

My Bio

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, I am the proud owner and executive designer of Frankie Lew. I have loved fashion design ever since I was a little girl writing Santa to ask for sewing supplies instead of toys. That passion never died. In 2010, I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Louisville, with a particular focus on costume design. Because of my theatre roots, my pieces always have a subtle touch of drama and feel like a performance on their own.

I started my first fashion label - Ann DeEvelyn Clothing Company - in 2014, working with a team of designers and interns to bring my women's clothing designs to life. My work was featured in Extol Magazine, Louisville Magazine,  and KMAC Couture: Art Walks the Runway as well as a mention in Vogue Italia. We shared our success with the community by hosting annual runway events to benefit the Cabbage Patch House, where I first learned to sew as a child. Owning my first fashion label allowed me to gain a wealth experience and insight into the women's fashion industry; however, my dreams eventually outgrew even Ann DeEvelyn.

In 2018, I was selected to compete with 15 other designers on season 17 of reality television's Project Runway. I immediately packed my bags and moved to Los Angeles, California for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This experience taught me a lot about myself. While I did not walk away with the prize, I gained a newfound resilience and determination to succeed in the design industry. This fuelled my subsequent work under L.A. design house Michael Schmidt Studios, where I was part of a team costuming stars from Katy Perry to Drew Carey for music videos, television, and even the Met Gala.

Finally, I was ready to re-emerge as a designer and to put my own mark on the fashion world. Frankie Lew debuted in Louisville in 2019 with the aptly named runway show, Resurrections. The Frankie Lew fashion group began accepting business with bridal gown designs and other custom orders, and has since grown to include Renu, our eco-friendly recycled textiles program, and Frankie Lew RTW, our newest branch. RTW is our Ready-To-Wear line of original designs, manufactured in the U.S. and slated to be sold at retail boutiques as well as online. We are excited to release the RTW line in fall 2020.

With well over a decade of professional design and sewing experience, I take pride in delivering unique and original designs to my customers. Frankie Lew garments are made with love in every stitch! I also strive to ensure Frankie Lew serves our community through eco-friendly practices, philanthropic endeavors, and a commitment to creating fun, fashionable, and functional clothing that works for women of all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles.

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