Frankie Lewis

Fashion Designer


Professional Experience

Project Runway Season 17                                            Cast Member/Contestant                                                        2019

Trendvision Beauty Envision  Awards                          Set Seamstress                                                                           2019

Michael Schmidt Studios                                              Freelance Stitch/Pattern Maker                                              2018 - present 

P!nk: Beautiful Trauma Tour                                        Stitcher/Draper                                                                           2018

Louisville Ballet                                                               Stitcher/Draper  "The Beyond"                                                 2018

Ann DeEvelyn Clothing Company                             Owner/Executive Designer                                                       2014 – present  

Fall Fashion Experience                                                Featured Designer/Coordinator                                               2014 – present

University of Louisville Costume Shop                      Wardrobe Master/First Hand                                                    2007 - 2010

KMAC Couture Art Walks the Runway                    Featured Designer                                                                       2013 – 2017

Bunbury Theater                                                            Costume Designer “Lady At Emerson’s Bar and Grill”         2015

BET Experience Stylist Suite                                       Featured Designer/Stylist                                                          2016

Trinity High School                                                        Costume Designer “The Warriors”                                           2016


Extol Magazine                                                              Recurring Wardrobe Stylist/Designer                                       2014 - Present

Louisville magazine                                                        Featured Designer/Wardrobe Stylist                                        2016

Vogue Italia                                                                    BET Experience Stylist Suite Designer                                     2016


Pattern Drafting, Draping, Stitching, Hand Sewing Techniques, Wardrobe Maintenance and Management, Wardrobe Prep (steaming, ironing, repairs), Alterations, Actor/Model Fittings, Quick Change Coordinator, Crew Management


Melissa Shepherd            University of Louisville Costume Shop Manager            502-741-3636    

Zhanna Goldentul           Resident Designer, University of Louisville                    502-541-0547

Angie Fenton                   Editor-in-Chief Extol Magazine                                           502-551-2698



University Of Louisville Bachelor Of Science in Theater with a focus on acting and Costume Design/Construction 2006 – 2010

My Bio

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, I am the proud  owner and executive designer of Ann DeEvelyn  Clothing Company. I received my Bachelors of Science Degree in Theater Arts from the University of Louisville. Because of my theater roots, my pieces always have a subtle touch of drama and feel like a performance on their own. My work has been featured in Extol Magazine, Louisville Magazine,  and KMAC Couture: Art Walks the Runway as well as a mention in Vogue Italia. With 10 years of design and sewing experience, I take pride in delivering unique and original designs to my





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